Season 3

Jan. 21, 2022

What About What I Want?

If you’ve ever felt like your healthcare providers were dismissive of your knowledge and preferences when it comes to making the decisions about your treatment, then this episode is for you! In this episode, learn about share...

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Jan. 14, 2022

Chronic Disease Care at Risk in Oregon

States are like dominos. When one state enacts a health policy, others replicate. Oregon’s Medicaid draft 1115 waiver has several red flags for patient healthcare access, and all patients should watch this carefully. Meghan M...

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Jan. 7, 2022

Can Virtual Doctor Visits Improve Your Health?

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, remote care through telehealth is critical to keep patients safe. But it also serves a vital role beyond the pandemic. For chronic disease patients, it can unlock greater access to care regard...

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