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Thank you for educating the public

Thank you Terry for supporting our Military and their families by educating the public so changes are more likely to happen. Stephanie

Hug More!

What a great message to end a podcast. Love being part of the Patients Rising family.

Learn more about patient advocacy

Patients Rising does a great job of bringing problems patients experience to light and how patients can navigate and change things. As a patient I need to have my voice heard or else nothing changes. This helps me be a better patient and a better advocate because I better understand the problems.

Great Show!

Patients Rising is a great community and a fantastic program. Thank you for everything you do. Very informative 😮

Patients Rising Rises High

This podcast is another stellar avenue that supports the Patients Rising community in a helpful way. We need more discussion and corresponding action for issues that impact those with chronic illness, rare disease, etc. Terry and Bob do a wonderful job providing just that. Give it a listen, and check out Patients Rising on Twitter, IG, and online (!


Some of the best information around and valuable. Very useful.

Best Tool For Chronically Ill + Loved Ones!

Patients Rising is a tool for chronically ill and disabled folks, by chronically ill and disabled folks! Our voices are heard, valued, and amplified. This podcast should be shared with everyone!

Thank you

I am so thankful to patients rising. They have helped me find my voice. They have given me tools and a platform to learn and educate about my rare disease. Since joining Patients Rosing I have used what I leaned to help advocate. I am so thankful for this organization!!

Great organization with wonderful info!

The Patients Rising Podcast highlights issues and topics that we need to be discussing in a way that is understandable and relatable!


Thoughtful. Interesting. Intelligent. Compassionate. Engaging.

Terry Wilcox rocks !!

Patients rising podcast is great

Terry and Bob are so Informative!

Patients Rising hits it out of the park making health policy and access issues relatable for patients. It helps me better understand the healthcare news out of Washington.

Insight for Patients

I love listening to this podcast! Terry and Bob are incredibly thoughtful and you can tell they really do care about patients and consumers. Kate’s patient segments are also wonderful. Looking forward to many more episodes from Patients Rising. Great organization and a great podcast!

Straightforward information that’s easy to understand

I am appreciating this podcast and its timely updates about COVID-19, while also featuring multiple perspectives, including doctors, researchers, patients and advocates.

Insightful, honest, technical

If you want to talk healthcare, Terry, Bob and Kate, along with legit special guests inform and explore. Well worth a listen. Patients Rising is clearly fighting the good fight on behalf of patients, aka, all of us.

Make the Patients Rising podcast a “must listen!”

Patients Rising’s tireless advocacy is outstanding! They are making a difference for all Americans. The podcast episodes will explain the complexities of topics with expert guests that will educate listeners so they too can also advocate for themselves, loved ones and/or other people !