Patients Rising Podcast

Patients Rising Podcast

Patients Rising brings its unique and established brand of patient advocacy to a weekly podcast, featuring honest and helpful discussion about issues impacting those with chronic illness. Executive Director Terry Wilcox hosts the show, with Robert "Dr. Bob" Goldberg, Co-Founder and Vice President of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest.

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Recent Episodes

The False Promise of Current Drug Pricing Reforms

Oct. 22, 2021

Congress promises to lower drug prices. But patients won’t see any cost savings at the pharmacy counter. We sort through the facts and myths of drug pricing, how “middlemen” in the supply chain lead to higher costs and real …

Chronic Disease + the Next Pandemic with Scott Gottlieb

Oct. 15, 2021

COVID-19 continues to put the most vulnerable at risk, including the elderly and those with chronic illnesses. At its peak, it filled up hospitals and forced those seeking non-COVID care to postpone critical appointments. To…

Congress + the Debate Right Now Over the Cures of Tomorrow

Oct. 8, 2021

Patients depend on the research and development cycle to produce innovative, life saving medicines for rare and chronic conditions. But this medical innovation faces hurdles if Congress passes medicare price negotiations wit…

Patient How-To Guide: Health Policy Advocacy

Oct. 1, 2021

Numerous health policies are under debate in Congress. As Senators and Representatives hash out drug pricing legislation and more, where are patients in the conversation? Advocate and former Ohio state legislator Randi Clite…

Biosimilars Can Lower Costs

Sept. 24, 2021

As Congress continues to debate solutions to lower healthcare costs, biosimilars are a promising option. But uptake of biosimilars has been slow in the U.S., and few patients are seeing direct savings at the pharmacy counter…

Lawmakers and Chronic Disease Patients

Sept. 17, 2021

President Biden outlines a new COVID-19 strategy, the U.S. Senate returns to Washington, and the House of Representatives debates prescription drug prices. Hosts Terry Wilcox and Dr. Bob Goldberg break down D.C.’s busy week …

About the Hosts

Terry Wilcox - Host


Terry Wilcox helps patients find their voice and become advocates for their health care. As the co-founder and executive director of Patients Rising, Terry manages the organization’s day-to-day operations to help every patient gain access to the right treatment. An expert in multimedia storytelling, Terry uses her background in entertainment to present powerful personal patient narratives. She has a track record of building coalitions with survivors, caregivers, and medical professionals. A regular opinion writer on health policy and how it affects patients, she has been published in Fortune, the Boston Globe, The Hill, Morning Consult, Real Clear Health, Inside Sources, and more.

Bob Goldberg, PhD - Host


Robert Goldberg is Vice President and co-founder of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest (, a non-profit organization that advocates for consumer access to public health innovations. Prior to founding CMPI, Dr. Goldberg was Director of the Manhattan Institute's Center for Medical Progress and Chairman of its 21st Century FDA Task Force that recommended ways to reduce the time and cost of getting innovative medicines to patients. Many of these recommendations are included in the 21st Century Cures Act. Dr. Goldberg received his PhD in Politics from Brandeis University in 1984, is a devoted Yankee fan, father of two children, Sara 35 and Zach, 32, and grandfather to Miles, age 4.

Kate Pecora - Field Correspondent

Kate Pecora is an impassioned advocate for rare and chronic disease, disability justice, and healthcare policy. She is diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type III, and lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Kate is currently (e)traveling across the country in search of the most compelling stories about patient access, affordability, and quality. Kate writes a weekly blog and helps patients tell their stories every week on the show.

Robert Johnson - News Host

Robert Johnson is an award-winning podcast host and producer who got his start reporting and anchoring radio news as a teenager in rural Arizona in the early 1980s. Before he graduated high school, the Associated Press declared him the "youngest radio news director in America." He has covered news for ABC Radio, Mutual Radio Networks, and news-talk radio stations in Phoenix and Tucson. He is the recipient of numerous awards for his broadcast journalism work, including a prestigious Associated Press Managing Editors Award, an honor usually reserved for print journalists.