March 20, 2023

Transportation’s Lane in Health Care

Lack of transportation is one of the biggest barriers to patient care. But when employers cover transportation for patients, it can lead to better health outcomes and lower overall costs. Casey Billington of Concierge Nurse N...

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March 13, 2023

The Broken Vision Insurance Market

Vertical integration in the vision insurance market has led to higher costs and fewer options for patients. Two optometrists, Dr. Ron Benner and Dr. Bill Reynolds , explain how this impacts the price of your glasses, and how ...

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March 6, 2023

States Target PBMs

The Patients Rising Podcast has moved to Monday mornings! In this episode, hear how Florida is poised to take on PBMs , the pharmaceutical middlemen, and how potential reforms would help patients access affordable medications...

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Feb. 24, 2023

Healthcare Protections for Rare Diseases with Rep. Cathy McMorris Rod…

Ahead of Rare Disease Day, Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) joins the podcast to discuss new legislation that would ban the use of a discriminatory health care metric, quality adjusted life year, or QALY. Learn ho...

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Feb. 17, 2023

Diversifying Clinical Trials

Current barriers to clinical trial access make it difficult for patients from underserved communities to access cutting edge care. Those barriers include restrictive eligibility criteria, which can lead to an underrepresentat...

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Feb. 10, 2023

A 600-Mile Move for Health Insurance

Stephen Kay took a job 10 hours away from his wife. Why? Because he needed insurance that would cover the costs of her multiple sclerosis care. While she had Medicare before turning 65, she was unable to purchase a supplement...

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Feb. 3, 2023

New Innovations Improve Cancer Care

Over the past 30 years, cancer death rates have declined by 33%. Ahead of World Cancer Day, hematologist Dr. Rafael Fonseca joins the podcast to talk about the latest innovations and improvements in cancer care delivery that ...

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Jan. 27, 2023

A Game-Changing Year for Biosimilars

This year, six biosimilars for the top-selling medicine, Humira, will enter the market, with the first launching on January 31, 2023. Increased competition from biosimilars can drive down costs. But experts argue that insurer...

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Jan. 20, 2023

What Congress Can Do for Patients in 2023

Can a divided Congress work together to help patients? Health policy experts Jon Deuser and Mike Gaffin tackle that question. They explain what health care issues Congress might address, including the lack of transparency aro...

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Jan. 13, 2023

Accelerating Access to New Treatments

A new Alzheimer’s treatment received FDA approval under the accelerated approval program. Former FDA Associate Commissioner Peter Pitts explains how the accelerated approval pathway leads to incremental innovation, or buildin...

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Jan. 6, 2023

New Year, New Health Care Changes

Last year President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law, which included several changes to Medicare. Terry and Dr. Bob discuss the three changes that start this year, including the $35 monthly cap on insulin, an...

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Dec. 29, 2022

Set Tiny, Healthy Habits in 2023

Have big goals for 2023? Set yourself up for success by setting “tiny habits.” To help you get a head start on your new year goals, listen to this rerun of our conversation with behavior scientist BJ Fogg. He shares …

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Dec. 22, 2022

Patient Guide to Patents

How do patents work in the medical space? And how do they lead to new medicines, therapies, and devices? This patent-explainer episode answers those questions and more. Dr. Ron Cohen, a physician and President and CEO of Acor...

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Dec. 16, 2022

The Fight to Save Home Health Care

Medicare’s proposal to reduce funding to home health care would deal a major blow to patients. But a new bill in Congress could help avert these catastrophic cuts. Guest Joanne Cunningham, CEO of the Partnership for Quality H...

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Dec. 9, 2022

Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Promising clinical trial results for a new Alzheimer’s treatment are bringing hope to patients and caregivers. Hosts Terry and Bob discuss the needs of Alzheimer’s caregivers and how to measure if a new treatment helps meet t...

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Dec. 2, 2022

What Congress Can Do for Patients

Congress is moving quickly to pass legislation before the year ends. Hosts Terry and Bob discuss the health care bills that, if passed, could increase patients' access to affordable and transparent care. From telehealth to ge...

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Nov. 22, 2022

Medicine for Patients in Need

In our special Thanksgiving episode, co-host Dr. Bob Goldberg speaks with Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, Chief Pharmacy Officer of Dispensary of Hope. Hear how the organization has channeled pharmaceutical donations to chronicall...

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Nov. 18, 2022

Tearing Down Barriers to Patient Access

In this episode, get the latest solutions to ensure patients get the care they need when they need it. That includes the life-saving medication naloxone which can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. Despite standing or...

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Nov. 11, 2022

Veterans’ Health Care Battle

This Veterans Day, we’re thankful for the brave service members who have sacrificed so much to protect our country. But when many veterans return home, their next battle is with a health care system that makes it difficult fo...

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Nov. 4, 2022

What’s Up with Congress and Health Policy?

Congress has the power to improve patients’ access to affordable and transparent care. That’s why it’s important for patients to know which lawmakers support legislation that positively impacts patients across the country. To...

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Oct. 28, 2022

Health Care Horror Stories

In this Halloween episode, get the biggest health care horror stories of 2022 that impacted patients all across the country. From lack of access to care to burdensome insurance delays, as detailed by migraine patient advocate...

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Oct. 21, 2022

Protecting the Pharmacist-Patient Relationship

October is American Pharmacists Month, so we speak with Georgia Representative Buddy Carter about how his experiences as a pharmacist inspired him to advocate for patients and providers in Congress. He shares how independent,...

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Oct. 14, 2022

Early Screenings for Early Diagnosis

Data shows more and more young people are being diagnosed with colon cancer. How do we get more screening appointments on the books to keep people healthy? Learn how a new campaign is changing public opinion around colonosco...

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Oct. 7, 2022

Smart Solutions for Specialty Prescriptions

Specialty medications can come with a high price tag and specialty mail-order pharmacies, mostly run by pharmacy benefit managers, have frequently created delays in getting necessary medications to patients. However, new tech...

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