May 15, 2020

The Race for a COVID-19 Vaccine

The Race for a COVID-19 Vaccine

The nation is focused on development of a COVID-19 vaccine. And there’s conflicting information from all sides. For those with chronic illnesses, a vaccine will be even more critical  if they hope to return to offices and clinics for routine treatments and doctor visits. 

But what dangers lie in a vaccine being developed too quickly? On this episode, Dr. Paul Offit explores the current state of the COVID-19 vaccine. And recent college graduate Kate Pecora speaks with a patient whose health relies on the vaccination of others. 


Paul Offit, M.D. Professor of Pediatrics and Director of Infectious Diseases at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. 

Dr. Paul Offit has worked at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for over 20 years, where he serves as the Director of Infectious Diseases and as a Professor of Pediatrics. His expertise and research focus is on vaccines, immunology, and virology. 

Dr. Offit is well known for being the co-creator of the rotavirus vaccine, RotaTeq, which was approved for inclusion in the U.S. vaccination schedule in 2006. For his work on the vaccine, he received the Luigi Mastroianni and William Osler Awards from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the Charles Mérieux Award from the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases. He was also honored by Bill and Melinda Gates during the launch of their Foundation’s Living Proof Project for global health.

Dr. Offit has published over 160 papers in medical journals dealing with his work on the rotavirus vaccine and overall vaccine safety practices. He also has authored eight books on vaccines and how they are communicated to the general public. 

Previously, Dr. Offit has been a member of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. He is a founding board member of the Autism Science Foundation and a board member of Every Child by Two. 

Dr. Offit earned a B.S. from Tufts University in Boston and earned his M.D. from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. 


Terry Wilcox, Executive Director, Patients Rising

Dr. Robert Goldberg, “Dr. Bob”, Co-Founder and Vice President of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest.

Kate Pecora, Field Correspondent 


Dr. Paul Offit

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