April 16, 2021

My Life is Worth It!

My Life is Worth It!
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The most effective treatments are often out of reach for patients. Big news came from the FDA announcing the approval of CAR-T therapies for multiple myeloma patients, but drug assessments from third-party groups are concerning. Will patients be able to access these life-saving treatments?

Multiple myeloma oncologist Dr. Rafael Fonseca highlights the benefits of CAR-T therapies, the future of these advanced technologies, and the impossible task of putting a dollar value on patient quality of life. We also hear from multiple myeloma patient and advocate Dale Hopkins on how designer drugs like CAR-T could be a game-changer for his treatment regimen. 


Rafael Fonseca

Interim Director, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center

Rafael Fonseca, M.D., is the interim director of Mayo Clinic Cancer Center and the director for Innovation and Transformational Relationships at Mayo Clinic's Arizona campus.

Dr. Fonseca has a broad range of research interests, including clinical trials for the treatment of myeloma and related conditions, a better understanding of the genetics of myeloma and related conditions (including the clinical implications), new drug development (including harnessing the cells' metabolism to develop effective therapies), myeloma bone disease, pharmacoeconomics, and policy. 

The cumulative research efforts of Dr. Fonseca's laboratory have led to a better understanding of myeloma and related diseases, and unlocked novel treatment options for patients and provided context for the pharmacoeconomic implications of new therapies.


Dr. Rafael Fonseca

Dale Hopkins Blog

FDA Approves First CAR-T Cell Therapy for Multiple Myeloma 

ICER’s Review on Multiple Myeloma 

Limiting Medicaid Access to Accelerated Approval Drugs: Costs and Consequences

Patient Correspondent: Megan Claire-Chase

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