April 30, 2021

Organ Transplants and Financial Strain

Organ Transplants and Financial Strain

April is Donate Life Month, and we examine many challenges facing organ transplant recipients. Amidst the physical and emotional toll of surgery, many patients also have to juggle apartment searching, moving, and financing a second home or apartment while they recover. And insurance companies refuse to cover these expenses.

Denise Redeker, Founder and CEO of Heartfelt Help Foundation, shares her experience undergoing a heart transplant, her move to Silicon Valley for the procedure, and how her organization helps other organ recipients find affordable housing.

Plus, field correspondent Kate Pecora interviews Richard Sperry on his misdiagnosis of ALS and how it led him to patient advocacy. And neurologist Dr. Ray Dorsey outlines action items for helping the Parkinson’s community. 


Denise Redeker

Founder and CEO, Heartfelt Help Foundation

Denise Redeker is a heart transplant recipient, patient advocate, organ donation advocate and founder of Heartfelt Help Foundation.  Founded in 2020,  Heartfelt Help Foundation  helps Bay Area transplant recipients both afford and source the medically required post transplant housing that, for most transplant recipients, necessitates relocating temporarily to within a short distance of their hospital.  Such expenses are rarely covered by insurance, often extremely expensive, and sufficiently critical to transplant recovery that an inability to afford them can delay a patient’s life-saving transplant surgery. In her free time, Denise loves long walks on the beach and discovering new hiking trails with her husband, Jim and son Matthew.  


Denise Redeker

Heartfelt Help Foundation

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